© 2021 by Duo InContra


© 2021 by Duo InContra


"Lights and shadows"


“Lights and shadows”’ purpose is to immerse the listener in a real auditory journey through the alternate of pieces that create a strong contrast between brightness and darkness.

This contrast, on which is based the idea of the program, is possible first of all for the nature of the instruments involved, that have wide possibilities of timbres and range, then for the repertoire chosen, in which coexist pieces like the bright and famous Duet by Rossini and the gloomy Hymn Nr. 2 by Alfred Schittke, used for the soundtrack of the film Shutter Island. In the middle of the program there are also 2 curious passages that belong to the world of transcripts and remake versions: a latest arrangement of the Corelli’s Follia made by the Bass player Tommaso Fiorini and a piece, Souvenirs de Bellini, in which the German cellist Georg Goltermann gets back operatic themes by Bellini and rearranges them for this duo in a very creative and charming way. In the end, we go back to the light with the Sonata in G by Jean Baptiste Barrière, originally for 2 cellos, here presented in the version with the Bass instead of the second Cello. Included in the program there is also Commedia della sera (2021), written and dedicated to this duo by the composer Giorgio Colombo Taccani and inspired by the title of the program.

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